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Product ideas for your private label recycled denim products

Make history by having your brand, label, non-profit, charity or organization's name or message on custom-made recycled denim jeans, recycled denim jackets, recycled denim vests, backpacks or wherever your imagination takes you.

Honest green: recycled denim jackets


Okay, we can't verify the historical accuracy of the image on our left. But we can verify the certified recycled content of our denim, and that your image or message can be embroidered onto it. Or printed. Or a patch (or patches, plural) sewn on with your design of choice.


Attention retailers: yes, we can serve you, too.

Denim beats nudity.



As Venus has discovered, the soft, stretchable nature of recycled denim) emblazoned with messages she believes in (and the cherubs seem to adore) beats nudity, halos down.


Let us emblazon your favorite messages--be they about health, environment, or even commerce--on recycled denim vests and surprise all of your team members, followers on Twitter and clientele (if you have such things). What better way to show commitment to the environment while looking great and spreading the good word.

The art of denim


Though we realize it's hard to improve on Manet's Un bar aux Folies Bergère, you have to admit her choice of GreenJeenz recycled denim jacket showing her support of the pink ribbon campaign is tres chic and tres meaningful.


T-shirts, hats and tote bags can be gauche, but a beautiful denim jacket devoted to right purposes can accomplish multiple acts of good in one fell swoop, enough so that perhaps Mr. Manet will forgive us? Merci!



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